We monitor shipping not only to follow the cargo but also to know the speed of the truck and even its acceleration at given time. Such data let us precisely locate your goods and keep the shipping process as safe as possible. Our fleet consists of a few dozens of new vehicles that meet the Euro5 and Euro6 emission standards requirements. What is more, we cooperate with many subcontractors to increase the number of available vehicles, which helps us to quickly react to your orders and shorten the time of delivery.

Our vehicles:

  • Standard semi-trailer: 13,6m x 2,48m x 2,70m
  • MEGA semi-trailer: 13,6m x 2,48m x 3,05m
  • Vans up to 3,5t GVM: 4,82m x 2,24m x 2,35m
  • Vans up to 3,5t GVM: 4,30m x 2,25m x 2,40m
  • + lifts and forklifts.


  • Rudna Mała 160, 36-060 Głogów Małopolski
  • +48 692 666 957
  • fax: +48 177851465
  • info@investgroup.com